Infinite backlinks for SaaS companies

Get unlimited backlinks from real SaaS companies like yours, for FREE (and outrank any company, even Hubspot)

Why do we exist?

Small SaaS companies (i.e., those with fewer than 500 employees) face significant challenges in ranking for competitive keywords. For instance, as a 100-employee company selling a CRM, attempting to surpass giants like Hubspot or Microsoft for the « CRM » keyword is impossible.
Some may suggest targeting less competitive keywords such as « What does a CRM system do? » Oh wait a minute. Salesforce is already raking on this low-competition keyword!
So what should you do? Targeting keywords with 20 searches per month? And then those with 3 searches a month, praying Salesforce won’t do it?
Enter Infinite Backlink—a solution that empowers you to surpass the largest companies globally and achieve higher rankings. For FREE!

Infinite Backlinks for SaaS is a three-way link exchange platform designed for SaaS companies. Each link originates from a genuine SaaS company, offering:

  • Real visitors,
  • A legitimate Terms & Conditions page,
  • and actual employees.

Backlinks from those companies are a Goldmine.

If you were to engage with an agency, you could expect to be charged $2000 for each. 100 backlinks would cost $200,000, and they might be links from PBN (private blog networks).

With Infinite Backlinks for SaaS, you receive valuable backlinks for FREE.

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✅ 100% Anonymous : your website won’t be shared with other Infinite Backlink members
✅ Free : you don’t pay anything to get backlinks
✅ Powerful : almost infinite backlinks from real websites like yours


How does it work?

For every backlink you create, you earn 1 credit. In other words:

  • Creating a link = earning 1 credit
  • Receiving a link = consuming 1 credit

You ask for links to pages of your choice. We ask you to make link to websites we’ve been asked for.

Is it there a limit on the numbers of backlink I can get?

2 limits:

  • You can’t make more than 1 backlink per page to Infinite backlinks to SaaS members. The size of your website is a limitation,
  • The number of Infinite backlink for SaaS participant is a limitation

What is the difference from current Link platforms?

Backlinks offered by agencies and platforms are typically placed on websites created solely for SEO purposes. Even if these sites are essentially « fake, » the cost per backlink can range from $500 to $3000 each

Is it Safe?

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is not against link exchanges, but clearly state that « excessive link exchanges » are against their terms. To avoid falling in the « Excessive link exchanges », we will do « Zero link exchange policy ». We have those precautionary measures:

  • No Reciprocal Links (Cross-Linking): We avoid engaging in reciprocal links, commonly known as cross-linking, to steer clear of the « Link to me, and I’ll link to you » effect.
  • Natural Linking: Our approach involves natural linking, where SaaS entities link to one another in a way that is logical for both visitors and, consequently, for Google. We provide guidelines to ensure optimal linking practices, indicating what to do and what to avoid.
  • 100% Anonymous: We have chosen not to create a group to prevent mass reporting to Google. This decision enhances the privacy and integrity of our linking practices.
  • Encrypted Listing: Our database containing information on all SaaS companies and links is encrypted. This security measure ensures that even if someone attempts to access or hack it, they won’t be able to decipher any information.

Is it Fair?

At Infinite Backlinks for SaaS, we simplify the process by not scrutinizing domain reputation for every link exchange. Upon entry into our platform, we thoroughly check each website to ensure they meet our standards for real, high-quality sites. Consequently, you may receive backlinks from smaller SaaS companies with a lower Domain Rating (DR) than yours or, at times, from larger websites with a significantly higher DR. Over time, this approach ensures fairness in the link exchange process.

I don’t want to make backlinks to my competitors!

SaaS is a vast and competitive industry. If we request a link to a competitor, simply notify us, and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.

Remember: linking to a competitor is not a significant issue.

Having two competitors on positions 1 and 2 on Google is always preferable to having them both on page 4, isn’t it?